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About Us


For over 45 years, Fridrich & Clark Realty has provided quality real estate services to the Nashville community.

Since our founding in 1966, we have grown from a one-office, six-agent firm to over 140 agent firm with a powerful impact on the Middle Tennessee real estate market. Buyers and sellers reap the rewards of long-time, in-depth experience and professionalism with a decidedly local flair.

Tom Repass, a realtor specializing in property management, is equipped with state of the art technology to make the rental experience easier than ever before.

Our Team

Tom Repass

Having moved several times while growing up, and having a Dad who drew house plans, I've always had an appreciation of residential architecture. Our homes included a 1890s Victorian home, a 1960s contemporary split level, a Spanish style stucco and a traditional ranch. The more we moved, the more I learned about buying and selling houses, the importance of location, the emphasis on quality construction and the considerations from square footage to resale value. My first-hand experience with family relocations, home design and residential building definitely helps me with my clients. I want to find a good location for my clients and the right home to fit their needs. I give each client individual care and consideration, and nothing is more rewarding than knowing that our goals have been met.


Seller and Buyer Representation: I work in a unique fashion with my clients. I have seen so many transactions on the lending side where Realtors were “learning” with their client’s money. My commitment to you is to give you the highest level of service and expertise on each transaction. I have agents I partner with that have expertise in high rise condos, tear-downs, multi-million dollar luxury homes, commercial properties and more. I consider you a client for life and I look at each transaction from the viewpoint of your long-term goals. We work together to make sure you know the effect of each purchase on your retirement plans. I follow the long held belief that real estate is a safe and predictable builder of wealth and retirement cash flow. I don’t recommend speculative, get rich quick schemes. I don’t recommend becoming a “leveraged” investor unless you are fully aware of the risk and have suitable reserves to weather a long down turn.

Real Estate Investing: I work with new and experienced investors helping them build a balanced real estate portfolio so they can achieve a predictable cash flow for retirement.

IRA Real Estate Investing: I work with clients that have built up non-employer IRA accounts that are looking for a more predictable earnings and future cash-flow from this portion of their portfolio. You can flip properties, hold mortgages on properties you purchase and have rental properties of all types! This type of investment has strict rules you must follow so you don’t make your 401k ineligible for its tax status. My team will advise you every step of the way to make sure you are in compliance.